Consultations with Dr. Marc Grossman

As a qualified and practicing optometrist, Dr. Marc Grossman provides vision consultations: in person, by phone, and in writing (via email).

"My goal is to inform and professionally guide you in your selection and use of dietary and lifestyle changes as well as nutritional and natural medicines as they may apply to your vision care needs. My recommendations are to serve only as adjunctive therapies to your already prescribed medical treatments. I may also act as information specialists if you have questions regarding your diagnosis and treatment that have not yet been answered.

"I do not diagnose medical conditions over the phone. However, I may suggest further medical testing and diagnostic procedures that may be warranted and applicable in your specific case. I also gladly entertain questions from your health care provider(s) and encourage establishing a professional dialogue with him/her regarding your vision care needs."

- Dr. Marc Grossman


Meet Dr. Grossman for an in-person professional vision consultation. Offices in Somers, New Paltz, and Rye, NY.



phone consult


Send your most recent eye exam records to Dr. Grossman, then book a consultation. $150 for an initial 30-minute phone consult.





Ask one question about eye health via computer. Dr. Grossman will email you written answer. Just fill in our survey.



Phone Consult Instructions


Dr. Grossman needs to review a copy of your latest eye evaluation before the consultation. This will assure more informed and astute guidance and advice. A full list of your present medications and supplements is also needed so as to alert him to any potential adverse interactions. The fee of $150 includes reading your eye evaluation.

  1. Call 845-255-3728 or fill in the form below.

  2. Send copies of your last eye exams, as well as a list prescription medications and nutritional supplements you are presently taking either by fax at 845-255-0036 or mail the documents as follows: Dr. Marc Grossman, 3 Paradies Lane, New Paltz, New York 12561

  3. When we have received your information, Dr. Grossman's office will call or email you to schedule your appointment. At that time we will need your credit card or debit card information.


Please call 845-255-3728 with any questions.

Phone Consult Contact Form

Yes! I am interested in having a phone consult. (If you are filling in the form for someone else, enter the patient's name. Type in the phone number and email address of the person we should contact.) DO NOT TYPE MEDICAL INFORMATION IN THIS FORM.

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Visionary Book

"Natural Eye Care: Your Guide to Healthy Vision & Healing" 

2nd Edition

By Marc Gossman, OD, L.Ac. and Michael Edson, MS, L.Ac.

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