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Schedule a Vision Consultation: Zoom, Phone, or In-Person

Geography is no longer an issue with today’s modern technology. Having a vision consultation with Dr. Marc Grossman O.D., L.Ac is now easier than ever, and you can have it in the comfort of your own home -- anywhere in the world. All you need to do is schedule a consultation and send in your latest eye exam records.

With over 40 years of experience and five books on natural eye care, Dr. Marc Grossman O.D., L.Ac. is a holistic optometrist and a practitioner of Chinese medicine. His main goal is to help patients develop their own personal program to prevent, stabilize, and reverse eye diseases.

Patients from around the world seek out Dr. Grossman because they are looking for a licensed eye doctor with a holistic view of vision health. While there are many times when medication is appropriate, there may be other approaches or a combination of drugs and natural approaches that could work best for you. He will work with you to help you understand your current diagnosis. And he will discuss the treatment your current eye care provider has recommended. Also, he will review nutritional, lifestyle, and herbal approaches that may support your specific needs. Dr. Grossman developed formulations, based on research, aimed at supporting glaucoma, dry eye, macular degeneration, general vision health, and more.

Discount codes are available if needed. Just email Dr. Grossman.


Through online video and phone consultations, Dr. Grossman can work with you no matter your location. These consultations work so well because Dr. Grossman goes over your records beforehand to make the most of your time during the consultation.

Please note that Dr. Grossman cannot diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medications via online consultations or over the phone, but he will offer a plan to help you achieve your best possible vision. He may also suggest further medical testing and diagnostic procedures, depending on your case. Dr. Grossman accepts questions from your current health care provider(s) concerning your vision care needs.

Through these consultations, he will guide you with dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as nutritional and natural medicines, as they concern your vision care needs. These serve in conjunction with your already prescribed medical treatments.

Video Consultations

Video consultations are held over Zoom(R), one of the easiest online video communications currently available, and is our most recommended option. The cost is $200 for the initial 45-minute video consultation, which includes reading over your eye records and the initial email. Note: If finances are an issue, let Dr. Grossman know in advance via email, and he can provide a discount coupon.

To schedule a video consultation, please visit

Phone Consultations

Phone consultations with Dr. Grossman are $200 for the initial 45-minute phone consultation, which includes reading over your eye records and the initial email. Note: If the cost is a pinch, let Dr. Grossman know when you send him an email and he can provide a discount coupon.

To schedule a phone consultation, please visit

In-Person Consultations

If you would like to schedule an In-Person consultation, you will meet with Dr. Grossman for a professional vision consultation starting from $200 in his offices at Somers; New Paltz; or Rye, NY.

For the list of addresses and phone numbers, please visit

Don’t Miss Out!

Schedules fill up fast, so make sure you schedule your consultation soon! From anywhere in the world, you can meet with Dr. Marc Grossman to go over your eye records and vision concerns. He will work with you to make an eye care program that is best for you.

Dr. Marc Grossman Founded or Co-Founded:

  • The Rye Learning Center in 1980, a multidisciplinary center for learning problems

  • Integral Health Associates in New Paltz, New York, in 1996

  • Natural Eye Care, Inc. in 1999


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