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A Podcast About Your Eyes: Natural Eye Care with Dr. Marc Grossman

Senior citizens are especially vulnerable to eye problems. An audio podcast is the perfect media for learning about your eyes! Dr. Marc R. Grossman is an Holistic Optometrist and Acupuncturist with more than 40 years of experience with patients. His weekly podcast discusses vision issue, natural eye care, and overall health backed by scientific research. Can diet, lifestyle, and supplements help your vision? What about myopia, dry eyes, cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma?

You can listen to the podcast anytime. They are free. Each episode lasts less than ten minutes. A new podcast is released each Thursday. You can look back through past episodes to find a topic of interest. Or just start listening from Season 1 Episode 1. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. You will be notified when a new episode comes out. Or say "Alexa, play the Natural Eye Care Dr. Grossman Podcast".

About the Host: Dr. Grossman founded the Rye Learning Center in 1980, a multidisciplinary center for learning problems, in 1996 co-founded Integral Health Associates in New Paltz, New York, and in 1999 co-founded Natural Eye Care, Inc. His background includes degrees in Optometry, Biology, Physical Education and Learning Disabilities, coupled with yoga, bioenergetics, nutrition, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the Alexander technique and Feldenkrais. He is co-author of half a dozen books on vision, including "Natural Eye Care: Your Guide to Health Vision and Healing" in 2019. Dr. Grossman takes an integrated approach to vision and its influence on the body, mind, and spirit. His lectures and private consultations are in high demand.

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